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Yoga Poses to Improve Your Cardio!

Cardio fitness from yoga? You bet! Modify these 4 traditional yoga poses by amping up the intensity and turn your yoga practice into a cardio workout for a healthy heart.   One-Legged Chair Pose From a Chair Pose, hover your right foot forward and flex it. Start to lift and lower your hips and keeping a strong core and find a fairly quick...

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Meditation can train your mind to cope with stress and distractions. Getting the hang of meditation takes time, so don’t feel discouraged if you find it challenging at first. Practice makes perfect, and developing mindfulness isn’t something that happens overnight. This guide to mediation for beginners will help you learn the basics.   What is Meditation? Dating back thousands of years, meditation is a...

Benefits of Personalised Private Yoga

The Benefits of Personalised One on One Yoga & Aerial

One on One Yoga: How going back to the origins of yoga is improving technique and overcoming injuries   While there are endless benefits to practising yoga, getting these benefits requires correct technique which can be delivered through personalised guidance in the form of private one on one yoga sessions.   What is one on one yoga? If you join a gym and aren’t too sure what...