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5 Aerial Yoga Poses To Sleep Better

Sleep better with aerial yoga

April 21, 2022

Not only is the Aerial Hammock an incredible tool in enhancing the body’s strength, mobility and flexibility, but it is also a great way to get a better night’s rest. We’ve compiled the best aerial yoga poses for you to get better sleep!

It’s no secret that the aerial hammock does wonders for the body, but aerial yoga can also be used to help us in getting deeper, more restful sleep at night. 

If you’ve ever experienced simply laying down in the hammock, gently swaying with the movements and soaking up that anti-gravity feeling, you’ll know just how calming the hammock can make you feel. However simply floating isn’t the only way to make the most out of the hammock’s relaxation inducing qualities. In doing poses that help in releasing built up tension, are supportive and enable us to breathe deeper, we can enhance that feeling of tranquility and rest to even deeper levels – setting ourselves up for a truly restful night’s sleep. 

Try these poses before bed and notice the ways in which they positively impact your sleep:

Skull Wrap

The skull wrap is a deeply relaxing pose that supports the parasympathetic nervous system and encourages the muscles of the neck and shoulders to release. The position of the hammock in this pose also helps to reduce the audio and visual senses to enhance the meditative experience. 

  • Come to lie down on your back underneath the plumbline. Find the front and back edges of the hammock, bringing the edges together to fold the hammock
  • While holding the folded edge of the hammock, place the material underneath the head, at the top of the neck
  • Let the hammock support the head in this way for 3-5 minutes. This encourages a gentle lengthening of the muscles in the neck and upper shoulders
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Photos courtesy of CBF AYTT 

Flat Frog

Flat Frog is a pose that encourages lumbar and pelvis stability whilst also gently opening the hips. The perfect release of built up tension that is so often stored in the hips. 

  • Bring the body to lie down with the pelvis positioned underneath the plumbline and guide the legs in to hammock
  • Position the hammock to support the ankles and bring the soles of the feet together. Integrate movement of the legs by bending the knees outwards and drawing the feet in towards the body. Repeat this movement. 
Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 2.46.18 pm
Photos courtesy of CBF Teacher Training 

Supported Swan Sway

The movement explored in Supported Swan Sways encourages lumbar extension, releasing any tightness in the lower back while also encouraging deep, even breathing. 

  • Start by sitting behind the plumbline gripping both pillars of the hammock. Bring the feet and heels into the hammock and then shift the body forward to come underneath the plumbline. 
  • Come to lie down. Bend the knees and lift the body while using the hands to extend the edge of the hammock to the back belt line. Make sure the other end of the hammock remains supporting the heels
  • Allow the legs and body to move and sway naturally, as if in an ocean current
Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 2.52.12 pm
Photos courtesy of CBF Teacher Training 

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Seated Back Lean

This spinal extending movement is perfect for opening the heart and encouraging deeper breathing. This helps us in letting go of our day and release tension before bed. 

  • Beginning in a seated position with the pelvis at the plumbline in front of the hammock. Use a high basic grip to gently lift the body
  • Lean back and lower to come to rest in the hammock so that it is supporting you just below the shoulder blades. Ensure the weight is on the sit bones
  • Extend the arms and use the hands to support the head. Incorporate some gentle movements side to side, encouraging the opening of the side body
Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 2.51.53 pm 1
Photos courtesy of CBF Teacher Training 


Floating is a simple way to bring a sense of relaxation to the whole body and incorporating slow, gentle, articulations of the spine encourages an even greater release.

  • Come into Cocoon and grip the wall of the hammock with one hand. Adjust your position, bringing the body to lie on one side
  • Rest the arms in front of the face in a prayer position to keep the face from the side of the hammock
  • Use the entire body to create a worm like movement. Wave the body from head to toe in a smooth, gentle motion. Repeat on the other side
Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 2.49.24 pm
Photos courtesy of CBF Teacher Training 

Release, relax and rest well

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