Aerial, Power & Restorative Yoga in West End

Move Your Body – Soothe Your Soul

At Bend + Fly, we’ve reinvented movement. Just one yoga class at our Brisbane studio is enough to transform the way you feel. Our combination of aerial yoga (also known as flying yoga – which yes, is as fun as it sounds!), power yoga and restorative yoga will guarantee a full-body workout followed by complete relaxation and bliss. We run regular workshops and personalised one-on-one yoga, and have 44 classes on offer every week – all designed to reconnect your body and soul.


Choose The Class For You

We offer 44 classes a week. From Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga to Aerial Yoga!

Looking for yoga in the South Brisbane area? Our yoga studio in West End offers an incredible 44 yoga classes each week. With many styles of yoga available, you can choose the style best suited to your interests or goals.


Power Yoga

Body and Mind

Power yoga incorporates dynamic poses and movements with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. This practice takes cues from Ashtanga yoga, and is fantastic for helping you feel energised while working on your strength training. Power yoga is also offered in a heated room (hot yoga) as a way to reap the benefits of cleansing through sweating.


Sculpting Your Body

Our aerial yoga classes are unlike any yoga you’ve done before. Suited to all skill levels, ages and sizes, aerial yoga uses silk hammocks to perform gravity-defying poses. It’s a great class for those with spinal issues or knee problems as it has zero impact on joints and can decompress and lengthen the spine. There’s also an aerial restorative class if you’d like to take a gentler approach.



Mind And Serenity

Our timetable offers several styles of restorative yoga to choose from. This relaxing style of yoga is based around slowing down and doing meditative stretches to advocate healing and mindfulness. By holding poses for longer periods of time, your muscles can truly relax. Choose from vin yoga, vin/yin yoga, roll and release yoga as well as aerial restorative yoga.

Upcoming Workshops & Courses

We offer yoga workshops and courses in Brisbane to suit all budding yogis, from beginner to advanced. The workshops themselves vary, though will usually focus on an element of yoga (such as hand balance or aerial dance), as well as themes of health, meditation and mindfulness. The courses we offer – such as Aerial Beginner – are perfect for progressing your skills and improving technique in week-by-week yoga classes.

Keep an eye on our event calendar for workshops and courses you’d be interested to attend!



The benefits of yoga aren’t just limited to the body – it can also improve your life as a whole. We believe regular yoga and aerial practice will transform the way you feel as well as look. It’s common for individuals to take up yoga for health reasons, whether it’s for physical wellness, mental wellness or both. The unique blend of Yin (soft) and Yang (powerful) classes will invigorate the mind, move the body, and soothe the soul. 

Our inspirational teachers will guide you through a mind-body experience from full-body workouts to total stillness and bliss. And we do it as a community. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced yogi, let’s bend and fly together!

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For Newbies

New to yoga? We can’t wait for you to join us! You don’t need to be strong, fit or flexible to start. Our approachable, friendly instructors will help guide you through each class, during which you’ll feel yourself improving. We offer introductory yoga classes for first-timers, but many of our yoga classes are suited for beginners to advanced yogis alike.

Ready to transform your mind, body and spirit? Take advantage of our 2 Week Unlimited Introductory Offer for $45, and try out as many yoga and aerial classes as you can!