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At Bend & Fly we’ve re-invented movement. One class is all it takes to transform the way you feel. Get ready for a 3 dimensional experience! Our unique combination of Aerial Yoga + Power Yoga + Restorative Yoga will guarantee a full-body workout followed by total relaxation and bliss. Get ready, we have 35 studio (including 15 live streamed) classes per week, plus on-demand content, Member’s Facebook Group, regular workshops and personalised one on one yoga – all designed to reconnect your body and soul!


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Flip Your Fitness Upside Down with Aerial + Yoga

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We offer 35 classes a week. From Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga to Aerial Yoga!

We don’t just change bodies – we hope to change lives! We believe that a regular yoga and aerial practice will transform the way you look and feel! Get ready for a unique mix of Yin (soft) and Yang (powerful) classes to move your body and soothe your soul. Our inspirational teachers will guide you through a mind-body experience from full-body workouts to total stillness and bliss! And the best part: we do it all together as a community. No matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced practitioner – let’s bend and fly!

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The Benefits of Aerial and Yoga

Most people get hooked on the benefits of combining floor and aerial yoga – a unique combination of strength, decompression and core power. Establishing a regular practice of 3-6 classes per week will see amazing benefits of strength, toning, flexibility, spinal health and mental health. Most clients find that the variety of different styles is what makes Bend & Fly more motivating than gym or other fitness options


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Restorative, Power & Aerial Yoga Brisbane

The beautiful Bend & Fly yoga studio in Brisbane is situated in laidback and trendy West End, making it a popular spot for yoga in South Brisbane. Just minutes from the city’s CBD, Bend & Fly is conveniently located for yoga classes in Brisbane wherever you’re coming from.

If you’re searching for a new studio to practise and perfect your skills, we offer a welcoming atmosphere and classes for all levels of skill and fitness. Our studio is easy to reach by car or public transport. Whether you hail from north or south of the river, Bend & Fly is a convenient option for everyone wishing to practise yoga in Brisbane.

Discover why Bend & Fly is a favourite for yogis from all over the city and sign up to one of our yoga classes in Brisbane today.

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