Terms & Conditions

Schedule changes

Please note our schedule is subject to change or cancellation without notice (whilst this is very rare). Bend & Fly is not liable to refund or offer compensation for classes that are late, changed, or cancelled for any reason.

Aerial class late cancellation

Cancelling late for an aerial, not showing or not confirming your waitlist when added to the main list outside of the 6 hour late cancellation, will incur a $20 fee or a pass off your visit pass. The fee or class will not be applied on the first occasion or you have made contact based with extenuating circumstances. The fee is not charged for floor based yoga.

Children in classes and waiting area

Our classes are suited for students aged 15 and up unless otherwise stated in a special course or class (i.e. Kids class) or agreed to with management. Any child needs a guardian to sign they are medically suitable to participate. Children are not permitted to wait in the reception area during class for insurance reasons.

Late entry

You may be refused entry if your lateness affects the flow of the class and is based on teacher discretion. If a teacher is running their own reception, they will lock the studio door right on time for security reasons.


Our pricing is subject to change and may increase from time to time to reflect an increase in our costs.

Personal mat storage

Bend & Fly is does have mat hire for direct debit members. Bend & Fly are not responsible for lost mats, or mats that remain unclaimed.

Check-in at reception first

Always report to reception to check-in before entering studio or change rooms.

Aerial safety & clothing

For safety and enjoyment for both you & other clients, you should adhere to the aerial pre-requisite guidelines in the FAQ’s. Failure to complete the pre-requisites or failure to comply with safety instructions or follow instructions that may lead to a risk, can result in being asked to leave a class.

You must also adhere to the clothing requirements of aerial classes – including not wearing makeup, no jewellery or clothing that will snag the hammocks.

Fitness warranty

You acknowledge that you willingly participate in all exercise(s) at Bend & Fly and that participation in these fitness activities is not without its risks and dangers. You must immediately inform us in writing if you believe or reasonably should be of the belief, that participating in any fitness activities offered by us in any way could pose a risk to your health. Unless you tell us otherwise, we assume you have no health risks, conditions or injuries.

Studio etiquette & right of admission

You acknowledge you adhere to the studio etiquette. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any persons including members for any reason which we consider a detriment to the safety of our members and their enjoyment of our services and facilities, including:

(a) wearing inappropriate clothing;
(b) poor hygiene;
(c) being under the influence of drugs or alcohol; and
(d) engaging in conduct that is disruptive or offensive to other members or students

14 day intro offer

The Introductory Offer is available for new clients only and must can be only purchased once. Due to its low cost it is non-refundable or transferable.

Class passes

Class passes and may be used for regularly scheduled classes and are not transferable to workshops, courses or other events. Multi-class passes activate on the date the first class is taken, and have a minimum time to use:

  • 5 Pass – 3m;
  • 10 Pass – 4m;
  • 20 Pass – 9m;
  • 50 Pass – 12m;

Class passes are non-refundable (apart from standard 48 hour cooling off).

Direct debit membership

Unlimited Direct Debit membership is an autopay membership valid for a minimum period then rolling over week to week until notice is given (4 weeks written notice period). These memberships are transferable ($49 fee).

All debit membership have an 48 Hour Satisfaction Guarantee (cooling off).

Debit memberships  can be suspended for a period of not less than 2 weeks, but not more than 3 months per calendar year, at a minimum fee of $20 per month. 14 days written notice is required.

Workshops & courses

Workshops and courses are non-refundable. Courses that are included in membership are applicable to the late cancellation policy. Courses can be made up (missing dates) if upcoming courses are spaces free.

Retail returns policy

We offer an exchange only policy on clothing (with tags on and unmarked) with a 21 day exchange time frame. Yoga props are non-refundable due hygiene factors. Props are only refundable if they are faulty.