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The unique combination of Power, Yin & Aerial Yoga Classes

The concept of Bend & Fly incorporates the YIN and YANG (soft and strong) of aerial and power yoga – two very contrasting, but complimenting styles. This unique combination offers amazing benefits of strength, flexibility, toning, back health and mindfulness. Within each style there are suitable beginner classes to more challenging classes for the advanced practitioner.

Beginner Classes & Courses

Bend & Fly is open to all levels – skills and fitness, and has a range of beginner classes and courses to go from novice to advanced practitioner over time. For an introduction to Aerial Yoga, start with an Aerial Intro Class or our popular 3 Week FUNdamentals Course. For floor (and aerial) based yoga, start with Bend + Fly’s Signature Yoga and Aerial Class – which will teach you the technique of yoga with the aid of the hammock.

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga for Back Pain

AntiGravity® is a decompressive system that can aid you in restoring the health of your spine by reversing the effects of gravity. Learn how the AntiGravity hammock can gently restore and repair the muscular, structural and nervous systems of the body.

Power Yoga

A modern day practice of yoga asana (poses) – Power yoga is a strong vinyasa style, moving more quickly between poses than other styles Suitable for all levels, this practice is unheated.

Hot Yoga

Heated yoga takes Power Yoga and adds the challenge of a heated room around 30-32 degrees. Expect to feel cleansed and renewed with a powerful sense of clarity and purpose.

Aerial Yoga

Also referred to as AntiGravity Yoga – Come experience the joy of flight with Aerial Yoga’s zero compression inversions – great for spinal health, flexibility, strength, mindfulness and playfulness.

Yin Yoga

Yin to balance Yang (Power Yoga). These deep stretch classes promote fascia/ connective tissue release & joint mobility. Poses are held for longer periods of time (3-5mins).

Roll & Release

Roll & Release uses Myofascial release techniques (MFR) to trigger points in the body, relieve tension & release your connective tissue (fascia). It’s like giving yourself a deep tissue massage!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga typically involves poses supported by props that allow to completely relax and rest. Classes that focus of restorative poses include Aerial Restorative, Floating Meditation, Aerial Decompression, Yin (Deep Stretch), Vin Yin or Roll & Release classes.

We also specialise in one on one personal yoga and aerial sessions

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