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Our Story

Bend + Fly (and Yogabox before that) was born early in 2016 from a love of yoga & a desire to bring more happiness to the world. After travelling Australia in the search of the best yoga studios, former owner Dan Ross found Aerial Yoga – soon realising the amazing harmony between yoga & aerial yoga and wanting to share that with others. Opened Bend and Fly in West, since then our community has continued to grow from a mutual love of movement and mindfulness, which allowed our current owner Pascale Veronique to find and heal with us.

After suffering from a severe accident that let her with limited movement. Pascale tried many different therapies in hopes of recovering. Though it was aerial yoga – at Bend and Fly – that gave her body the chance to heal and repair. Her one-on-one classes with our incredible teachers, gave her the confidence and support that she needed for her body to restore itself. To this day, Bend + Fly has many of the same great teachers who helped create & shape the studio into the special experience that it is now and hopes to continue to spread the love and support to an ever-growing community of likeminded individuals.


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