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What is Aerial Yoga Therapeutics?


The Healing Power of Aerial Yoga Therapeutics

4 Key Mental and Physical Health Benefits Underpinning this Healing Modality

So…What is Aerial Yoga Therapeutics?

Aerial Yoga Therapeutics (AYT) utilises the aerial hammock, a unique apparatus that can induce the relaxation response, enhance body awareness, mindfulness and emotional regulation.

The Aerial Hammock’s Proven healing & Remedial Outcomes

Due to its proven healing outcomes, this body-orientated intervention is now becoming more widely used and integrated into innovative clinical exercise-based rehabilitation practices, mental health settings and fitness studios. Facilitators of Aerial Yoga Therapeutics usually work in one on one or small group settings within the realm where instructor and therapist intersect with the goal of enhancing client’s well-being, recovery and resilience.

Renae Stevens Founder of CreativeBodyFlow and long-time facilitator and pioneer of Aerial Yoga Therapeutics in Australia, conducted a Masters Research Project with the University of Queensland in 2012, investigating the therapeutic benefits of the Aerial Hammock. Renae’s subsequent findings inspired many innovative practitioners to explore the clinical capacity of the aerial hammock – in diverse areas such as trauma recovery, cancer recovery, rehabilitation, disability and developmental disorders.

From Renae’s research and clinical feedback of the therapeutic benefits of the aerial hammock, the 4 key mental and physical health benefits of Aerial Yoga Therapeutics can be summarised below…




#1 Improving Brain Function & Neuroplasticity

The body is intrinsically linked to our mental and emotional experience. Research has shown that restoring movement is key to recovering integrated brain function and promotes neuroplasticity. One of the best ways to restore movement is through a rich sensorimotor environment, such as is provided by the aerial hammock in AYT. The aerial hammock can be used to provide a unique experience for the brain that combines proprioceptive input, spatial navigation, and rhythm.

Some ways AYT can support Neuroplasticity unique to this modality:

Supporting formation of new neural networks through:

✔️ Exposure to a new and complex sensorimotor environment
✔️ Learning of new motor planning skills requiring a form of memory training combining visualization, imagery, spatial navigation, and rhythm.
✔️ Improving sleep aiding growth and learning retention

Best way to start aerial yoga.

#2 Stress Reduction

Stress has been shown to have negative effects on our physical health being the number one cause of death, however it also impacts our mental, emotional and creative capacity. Through AYT we learn specific regulatory skills using the body as a vehicle to create a shift into the relaxation response, promote restoration, sleep, playfulness, joy and develop our attentional abilities.

Some ways AYT can support stress reduction unique to this modality:

✔️ Supporting the Peripheral Nervous System through anchoring attention in present moment assisting development of mindfulness and self-regulation
✔️ Self-soothing movement that induces relaxation response
✔️ Improving diaphragmatic breathing via lengthening and strengthening diaphragm and releasing tension in accessory breathing muscles
✔️ Restoring natural capacity for creative play



#3 Trauma Recovery

Recovery from trauma begins by first finding safety. Through physical experiences of safe touch, empowerment, containment and support our body remembers a sense of safety and trust. Once this is felt, the need to protect is eased and we can connect with mind, body and others harmoniously.

Some ways AYT can support trauma recovery unique to this modality:

Supporting Limbic system regulation through:

✔️ Safe sensory experiences of touch (without physical human contact)
✔️ Positive experiences of trust, control, containment and empowerment
✔️ Coordinated upper and lower limb movement that counteracts dissociative “freeze response” symptoms of PTSD


#4 Injury Recovery

Injury recovery requires getting safely moving as soon as possible! In AYT, we use the aerial hammock to offer support, decompression and semi-loaded movement while healing an injury. We have the capacity to gradually challenge and condition the body through progressions of gravity assisted or resisted aerial hammock exercises. When it is appropriate, the individual can also benefit from the promotion of circulation through semi and full inversions. With AYT, you can find your way back to free movement.

Some ways AYT can support injury recovery unique to this modality:

✔️ Supporting circulatory, endocrine, vestibular and musculoskeletal systems
✔️ Re-education of healthful movement patterns
✔️ Supported or partial weight bearing
✔️ Increased circulation without increasing HR
✔️ Facilitation of joint mobility and nerve lengthening
✔️ Decompression of IVD
✔️ Relieving organ prolapse
✔️ Improving 3-dimensional body awareness and proprioception


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