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Power Yoga (Yoga Play)


The modern practice of power yoga

Yoga Play or Power Yoga, often referred to as Power Yinyasa, is a strong series of dynamic asanas (poses) using breath-led movement (Vinyasa). Power Yoga was developed in the 1990s in an attempt to make yoga more accessible to Westerners and those interested in the strength benefits. At Bend + Fly our Power Yoga classes although strong, are a form of moving meditation – ensuring you’re left feeling refreshed and cleansed.

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What can I expect in a Yoga Play power yoga class?

First, we take time to warm the body up through poses to activate heat in your body, then, like traditional vinyasa classes, we work through a series of poses called Sun Salutations, moving into strength, core, mobility and balance based poses that will leave you stronger and more mobile. Power Yoga classes will always conclude with a series of slow-down stretches and course savasana – your time to completely disconnect.

Unlike Ashtanga yoga (which has similarities to Power Yoga in style), Power Yoga does not follow a set series of poses – so every class will be different, allowing teachers to express their creative flair for sequencing.

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What are the benefits of power yoga?

Yoga Play power yoga has amazing strength benefits because the poses are held slightly longer than a traditional vinyasa flow class. The foundations of a Power Yoga practice is core strength, so you will develop a strong base that will help you in everyday life. The dynamic, almost functional movement nature of the poses will tone and make your whole body stronger, whilst burning fat with upwards of 800 calories burnt in each class. Unlike going to the gym and perform repetitive weight training movements that can result in shortened ‘bulky-looking’ muscles, a regular Power Yoga practice, combined with Yin and Aerial Yoga will help develop longer and leaner muscles.

Power yoga classes are open to all levels.

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