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New Summer Timetable with 42 Classes Per Week!

FIRST CLASS OPTIONS: Are you new to Aerial Yoga? Check out our best first class options marked with a ☆ in our timetable for the most suitable classes to start. For aerial yoga, in order to get the most enjoyment and benefits, we recommend attending a minimum of 1-2 Aerial Basics or Aerial classes marked ‘All Levels’. Another great option is joining our Aerial Foundations Course to learn the 6 key aerial skills before attending more intermediate to advanced classes. Some classes require a high level of experience as a prerequisite. Scroll down and click on the class details below for prereqs.

BOOKING STUDIO CLASSES: We offer 42 studio classes each week featuring all your favourite aerial, hot yoga, and yoga classes. Scroll down below to see our bookable timetable.

BOOKING LIVE STREAMING: To get access to our live streamed studio classes, book a class marked ‘LIVE STREAM’ in the bookable timetable below. You will be sent a Zoom link 0-60 mins prior.

BOOKING POLICY: Aerial Yoga has a 3-hour cancellation policy. Aerial yoga bookings open 7 days before class start times & yoga is 90 days.

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