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Brisbane's Best Yoga and Aerial Yoga Teachers

At Bend + Fly, we have a great mix of aerial and floor yoga teachers – most of which have over 500 hours of yoga/aerial teacher training. We hand-pick our teachers not only on their expertise but also on how they radiate life and love and reflect all our values of the Bend + Fly Spirit.

Our floor yoga teachers are Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga qualified – trained to deliver the beautiful combination of strong and soft yoga and movement classes.

While our Senior Aerial Yoga Teachers all trained under Flight Skool & Antigravity Teacher Training – the original aerial studio that brought Aerial Yoga to Australia in 2011.



Lauren Mason

Aerial | 1ON1 Teacher

Growing up as a gymnast, Lauren has always felt just as comfortable being upside down as standing up! After injuring her back during a training session 4 years ago, Lauren turned to Yoga to heal both body and mind. “Yoga nurtured and changed my life in so many positive ways. It lead me onto this path where I am grateful to teach and share the beautiful practice of Yoga, and the joy and freedom of AntiGravity.” Lauren's classes include a balanced mix of flexibility, strength and fun with a genuine love of flight! Book a 1ON1 Session with Lauren

Rachael Gibson

Aerial | Yoga | 1ON1 Teacher

Rachael Gibson has been teaching for more than 15 years and has 700+ hours of training in mat and aerial yoga. Rachael has been practising Yoga and Meditation for more than 15 years, and has been performing and teaching Circus Aerials since 2002. With aerial yoga being a perfect combination of so many of her interests, Rachael loves sharing the freedom and flow of yoga and AntiGravity Aerial Yoga. Book a 1ON1 Session with Rachael

Carly Ponter

Yoga | Aerial 1ON1 Teacher

Carly has achieved a variety of yoga accreditations over the years, as well as qualifications in Pilates, Aerial Yoga, and Massage Therapy. She utilises all of these elements to inform her teachings. This vast and varied body of knowledge helps her make the practice of yoga accessible to people of all ages, body types and backgrounds. You can expect classes with her to be focused firmly around anatomy and cultivating a deeper awareness of your body... all with a cheeky dash of humour! Book a 1ON1 Session with Carly

Nirvana Pilkington

Yoga | Aerial Teacher

Nirvana has a love of movement that has taken them on a journey in the realms of yoga, dance, partner acrobatics, handstands, aerial yoga and acroyoga. As a former high school teacher, yoga offered much relief to a high stress occupation, and at the same time a great cross training skill for Nirvana's love of circus training. Combined with their passion for teaching, Nirvana offers a dynamic flow and creative sequencing to all classes. Their playful nature encourages people to explore their edge feeling the joys of taking flight in Aerial Yoga in a safe, supportive environment.

Cameron Taylor

Aerial | Yoga Teacher

Cameron brings over 7 years of teaching experience and more than 400 hours of training in yoga, aerial, mobility, fitness, physical therapy and personal coaching. He is passionate about helping you to move your best and love moving your body!

Roz Yee

Yoga Teacher

Originally a Foundation Member of Bend and Fly, Roz first discovered yoga in 2006 at the gym as a way to stretch within her fitness regime. But it wasn't until 2014 that she made the commitment towards a regular weekly yoga practice. What started off as a physical means for her to relax, eventually transformed into a greater awareness of the mind and body both on and off the mat. In May 2018, after 5 years of continuous and dedicated practice, Roz took her yoga journey to another level and greater depth, and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Creature Yoga in Byron Bay. Having previously worked in the hotel, travel & real estate industries, in various accountant and administration capacities, Roz is pretty excited to be away from the corporate world for now and be on a path that allows her to teach and share a passion that has changed her life. As a teacher and forever a student, Roz enjoys guiding and practising vinyasa, yin and restorative styles of yoga. Expect her classes to be a melody of strength, mobility, mindfulness, softness and hopefully fun!

Albina Bezdetko

Aerial | Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been a part of Albina's life for over 15 years. Having always wanted to teach but never having the courage, she found her wings with Antigravity Aerial Yoga and completed her first training with Renae Stevens at FlightSkool in 2014. Albina realised early on that her journey as a teacher and student had just began. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training. Albina has also completed 50 hours of Yin Yoga training with Joe Barnett. Dedicated to always remaining a student of the practice Albina is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her. At the heart of Albina's teaching is the passion to help others heal - body, mind and soul, and walk away with a smile. Albina is known for her playful classes both in aerial and yoga - very much a reflection of Albina's fun and infectious personality

Emily Horvath

Yoga Teacher

For Emily yoga is a life-long practice - she is passionate about sharing the experience of yoga not just through the physical asana, but as a philosophy and lifestyle. A huge influence in Emily's teaching comes from encouraging students to explore their own intuition through mind- body connection. Emily incorporates a mix of western science and eastern philosophy to make my classes accessible and safe to a large demographic. Emily loves creating sequences and that emphasis movement with rhythm and breath.

Chrystal Nesbitt

Yoga Teacher

Always an active and physical individual, Chrystal came to Yoga as a way to balance the more strenuous side to both her training and lifestyle. Serving for almost 8 years in the British Army as a Physical Training Instructor, Chrystal discovered that within soldiers under her instruction (and her own body and mind) that there was a real deficit of rehabilitation and injury prevention in the Armed Forces. Something she was inspired to help overcome. Yoga had been something that Chrystal practiced irregularly since her teens but began a more focused practice and fell in love with the connection and awareness that it gave, hoping to share this with others, she completed her 200 hr YTT in Ubud, Bali and with this momentum she then went on to find a more authentic style of training from arguably the home of Yoga; Rishikesh, India becoming a 500 hr RYT. Due to her military background and qualification as a Personal Trainer, Chrystal has a strong style of teaching, focussing on clear verbal instructions as well as knowledge of the functionality of the postures and how they are relevant in everyday life. Chrystal believes that movement is the spice of life, but that it should be undertaken with mindfulness and self awareness; her Yoga classes aim to promote this ethos.

Huong Huynh

Yoga Teacher

Huong has been a dedicated student of yoga for the past 6 years and took the leap of faith in early 2019 to further her study and knowledge by going to Bali and learning in depth the fundamentals of yoga, breathing, meditation and has come home an official 200 RYT Yoga Teacher. Her passion is to spread the love for yoga, getting students to really connect with the body, appreciate and love themselves and never feeling guilty for doing just that! Her specialty is to challenge your body, to strengthen and condition your body safely, whether it’s long holds or balances to fun vinyasa flows!

Megan Mabon

Yoga Teacher

Having moved to Australia from the UK in 2013 it was a desire for connection that first brought Megan to Yoga. She immersed herself into her studio community; eventually completing a 200hr teacher training through Power Living in 2019, she has since been teaching both Vinyasa and relax classes. Megan hopes her students are able to enjoy her classes disconnecting from the external buzz and reconnect with their mind and body. Her classes aim to challenge and inspire you as you move through a state of flow. Her style is dynamic and explorative, incorporating creative sequencing, anatomical focus areas and traditional teachings.

Sarisa Edgar

Aerial Teacher

Sarisa has been moving since she was born. She started her movement journey with dance when she was just 3yro and has continued dancing in many styles and many creative ways. This has developed a deep body awareness that helps her give specific direction to her students and give individualised guidance to students. When Sarisa started Aerial Yoga, she instantly fell in love with flying! She combined her love for being in the air with her compassion to help others through teaching. She loves sharing her passion with others and giving them the opportunity to embark on their own aerial movement journey.

Naomi Pham

Yoga Teacher

Naomi is passionate about promoting the positive shifts that yoga and meditation can bring to your everyday life. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and wellbeing, with a focus on anxiety and stress management. Her Yoga classes emphasise on prioritising breath, finding control and coordination within each pose and transition. You will have the opportunity to explore and challenge your physical and inner strength, as you find your flow state on the mat. She has also completed Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark and loves to share the physiological, energetic and psychological benefits of this nourishing, introspective practice. Make time for yourself in a safe, nurturing and motivating space for self-inquiry, where you can discover your own meaning of yoga and have fun along the way.

Chris Fenet

Yoga Teacher

Chris’s yoga journey started in 2014 when he moved to Australia. What was initially a physical practice only, quickly became more as his practice and knowledge of yoga deepened. Chris particularly enjoyed the mindfulness of breath and movement, and this incredible feeling of centeredness, grounding and peace after each practice. After 10 years working in the engineering field, Chris decided to shift his focus solely to teaching yoga and completed his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Monica Gauci and Gregor Maehle in 2018. In his classes, Chris aims to share his love of Yoga and respect for the practice to inspire students to discover their own path, with an emphasis on Pranayama and Meditation. Being an engineer at heart, Chris loves movement patterns, how everything fits many ways yoga is very similar to engineering! It requires focus, discipline and practice, with the added bonus of mindful breaths and movements! Chris loves teaching strong practices, as well as more restorative and nourishing Yin classes. He is also trained in Prenatal Yoga. Fun fact: Don’t get fooled by the Irish accent that he picked up from living in Belfast, he is from New Caledonia and some of his friends call him “Frenchie”.

Miky Kowal

Yoga Teacher

Miky first found yoga in 2015, living the busy London life—working hard, travelling often, and enjoying life, in other words burning the candle from all directions. Yoga helped Miky find balance in all aspects of life and now he shares the gift of yoga with you! Miky has a passion in getting to the heart of what makes people tick—and helping to authentically express who they are and make connection!

Lei-iissa Celeste

Yoga Teacher

Lei-iissa aka. Lei, is a keen yogi with a life long practice founded in mental health, seated meditation and the Asana of yoga, as well as the 7 limbs that work in union. Lei is a passionate artist, lover of nature and has an active outdoor lifestyle. To balance her active running, hiking and yoga regime, She love to cook and make art and music!

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