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7 Myths Around Starting Yoga & Aerial Yoga – Debunked!

7 Myths Around Starting Yoga or Aerial Yoga Debunked

May 26, 2022

Has something ever prevented you from going out and giving yoga or aerial yoga a go? Well, you’re not alone – unfortunately it is something that we hear all too often. That’s why we are here to debunk the myths around starting a yoga and aerial yoga practice!

A lot of us are apprehensive when it comes to trying something for the first time and we get how daunting it can be! We are, however, determined to put the common misconceptions of why you shouldn’t begin your yoga and aerial yoga journey to rest. That way you can start reaping all of the incredible benefits that come with these practices. So let’s dive in to the 7 most common myths around starting a yoga or aerial yoga practice!

You need to be flexible

You don’t need to be flexible to start yoga or aerial yoga, just as you don’t need to be a culinary master to cook dinner! With anything, we gain skills the more we do something. Flexibility is one of the many wonderful results that come from a consistent practice. In fact, it is one of the main reasons that people start in the first place!

All of those crazy flexible yogis you see on social media? That didn’t happen overnight! It is so important that we keep our joints and muscles open and mobile for our overall health. Yoga and aerial yoga are truly great ways to gain and maintain that flexibility!

Experienced students will look at you funny

One of the things that we are most proud of in our Bend + Fly community is our incredible members. We are a space of acceptance, inclusivity and joy and our students and teachers are all a reflection of that. We very much welcome and encourage all! Those new to the practices of yoga and aerial yoga as well as seasoned students, wherever they may be in their journeys, are always welcome. We are sure that you’ll never feel judged or uncomfortable. Besides, all of us have started somewhere!

You need extremely good co-ordination

While having a professional level of co-ordination would make many things in life easier, it is definitely not a requirement for yoga or aerial yoga. Like anything, the more you do it, the easier it feels. In yoga and aerial yoga, we may move the body in new ways and use muscles that we might not have worked before. At the beginning, this will all feel foreign, but will quickly become second nature and your level of coordination will likely improve with regular practice!

Yoga is a religious practice

Though the ancient practice of yoga does stem from tradition and religion, these days it is in no way a religion or a religious exercise. Yes, a lot of the yoga we do today does incorporate spiritual aspects. Seeing hands in prayer, bowing of heads and a chant of ‘OM’ is a likely occurrence in a yoga class. All of these practices, however, are optional and are focused on the connection of mind, body and spirit (in whichever form or meaning that takes for you). Yoga is a personal practice that is not only used as a great form of exercise and a way to keep physically healthy, but is also very effective in calming the mind so that we can go about our days with a better sense of harmony and balance.

Yoga is just stretching

While yoga is often associated with just stretching, this is certainly not the only type of movement we do in the practice. Asana (posture) is one of the 8 Limbs of yoga, and is in fact the only limb in which movement occurs. While the traditional yogis used yoga asanas to help keep physically healthy, these days postures have been expanded upon and added to to create the enormous variety of exercise classes that we have available to us today. Present day yoga classes can range from pure relaxation or restoration, to strength building and cardio! Simply look at our incredible class options on our timetable to discover that yoga is more than just stretching. Just ask one of our regulars attending Yoga Play or Yoga Sculpt!

Aerial yoga looks hard!

Here at Bend + Fly we get this one a lot! Especially when the first thing a new student sees is one of our advanced classes in action. Rest assured, our beginner classes are completely first timer friendly. You’ll learn skills from how to measure into your hammock, getting comfortable being in the hammock and how to gently and safely go upside down. 

While it does look fairly complicated and scary from a first timer’s view, your first classes with us will completely tear down those misconceptions and you’ll learn that you can do aerial yoga! Regular attendance in classes will help you build that confidence and the strength and skills required to progress. Soon enough you’ll be one of the students in that advanced class that you may have thought you’d never be!

You have to look a certain way or be of a certain demographic

Yoga is for everyone! You might be surprised to know that traditionally, yoga was a practice created by men, for men. It wasn’t until the practice started spreading world wide that it became more inclusive. These days though, a lot of the imagery surrounding yoga and aerial yoga is of fit and young (mostly) women. We want to break down that stereotype and the barriers it creates and emphasise the fact that yoga is for everyone! With such variety in styles and classes, all humans – no matter their demographic – are welcome and can benefit from the incredible practice of yoga!

What are you waiting for?

There you have it – the 7 myths around starting a yoga or aerial yoga practice have been debunked! If any of these reasons were preventing you from starting your journey, we hope that we have now put those misconceptions to bed. So why not give it a go and get booking in to your first class today – we know you will absolutely love it!

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