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Experience health benefits from hot yoga

Hot Yoga combines the strong dynamic asanas of Yoga Play (Power Yoga) or the flowing movement of the breathe (Yoga Flow) with the addition of heat, adding an extra physical challenge and the health benefits of cleansing through sweating. The origins of hot yoga can be traced to the heat and humidity of India, where yoga originated. It’s thought the heated rooms used in this style of yoga are intended to replicate India’s climate.

Hot yoga was popularised by the introduction and success of Bikram yoga in the 1970s. From improving your cardio fitness to helping you reach a state of deep relaxation, hot yoga benefits are both physical and emotional. Bend + Fly offers hot yoga classes in Brisbane to suit yogis of varying skill levels, whether you’ve been practicing for years or you’re just starting out.

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What can I expect in a hot yoga class?

You’ll be physically challenged and you’ll sweat – a lot. Those who have tried hot yoga before will see certain differences between Bend + Fly’s hot yoga in West End and other classes, such as Bikram yoga. Firstly, our room is set to around 32-36 degrees, compared to the usual 40 degrees with Bikram. Our hot yoga classes are also shorter than the average Bikram yoga class, running for 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes. We believe the physicality of Hot Yoga Play/Flow combined with Brisbane’s already humid weather will give you a sufficiently thorough workout under these conditions.

Members who have come from practicing yoga at Bikram studios to Bend + Fly’s unique fusion hot yoga often comment how they love the cleanliness of the studio and the variety of sequencing in our Hot Yoga Play/Flow classes.

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What are the benefits of hot yoga?

The benefits of heat training can be seen in today’s professional sports, where training in a heated environment now rivals altitude training as a technique for improving athletes’ cardiovascular performance. Doing hot yoga can have the same effect on the cardiovascular system as running on a treadmill. Both the heart rate and blood flow increase, allowing you to burn calories quickly.

In addition to the hot yoga benefits associated with cardio, research also suggests excessive sweating may help cleanse internal organs and improve the skin. There is also anecdotal evidence of people describing a euphoric or energetic sensation after completing a hot yoga class.

Bend + Fly’s hot yoga classes in Brisbane are open to everyone. It’s beneficial to have done other yoga classes (or be engaged in regular fitness) before starting hot yoga, but beginners are also welcome.

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