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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Bend + Fly and Creative Body Flow

Industry Leading Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Available In Person or 100% Live Virtual or 100% Ondemand

The CreativeBodyFlow Aerial Yoga Teacher Training by Renae Stevensfills a void in aerial hammock education providing a more in-depth approach that is adaptable to both fitness and clinical settings.

This 200HR Aerial Education pathway will empower you to safely deliver aerial yoga hammock sessions that are therapeutic for both body and mind! Learn how to apply the biomechanics of aerial movement and neurobiological understanding to delve deep into flow-state, invite new experiences of free movement and use gravity to improve your training advantage



Either taken as part of the full 200HR Course or enjoyed as a standalone course – the 50HR Aerial Essentials program allows you to take you first step to becoming an aerial yoga hammock teacher Here, you will learn to master the air!

✔️ Apply the principles of movement and aerial yoga hammock technique
✔️ Employ biomechanical cuing methods
✔️ Deliver effective facilitation skills in over 60 aerial hammock exercises




This 150HR Postgraduate Course offers professional development for graduates of Aerials Essentials and is comprised of the 50HR Advanced Aerial Yoga Teaching and 100HR Aerial Yoga Therapeutics. This course will deepen your awareness of aerial instruction and the therapeutic application of the aerial yoga hammock and will give you an informed theoretical basis and practical knowledge to develop your ability to:

✔️ Lead advanced classes
✔️ Program safe group classes
✔️ Address individual client needs
✔️ Add musicality and Aerial Dance to elevate your class offering
✔️ Assist special populations (children / Injury Rehab/ Women / Mental Health)

This course now includes an exciting 16HR Aerial Dance Module. will also step you through the keys to business success in setting up your aerial services and in expanding your revenue streams.

Available In Person or 100% Virtual





The 200HR Full Aerial Teacher Training Course (50HR Aerial Essentials and 150HR Postgraduate) will give the most comprehensive training in aerial yoga instruction and set you up for long term success as an instructor, therapist and studio owner.

Next course starts November 2021.

Available In Person or 100% Virtual


About Renae Stevens / CreativeBodyFlow


About Course Presenter - Renae Stevens

Renae Stevens, founder of CreativeBodyFlow, has been a pioneer in bringing aerial yoga hammock education to Australia and New Zealand. This journey in aerial yoga education started in 2010 when Renae travelled to NYC to be trained by the creator of the aerial hammock, Christopher Harrison. In 2011, she was appointed a principal educator for AntiGravity® and became instrumental in bringing the modality to Australia and NZ.

Renae holds a master’s degree in Mental Health and is a registered Art Therapist experienced in trauma recovery. Renae is recognised by Yoga Australia as a Senior Yoga Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. Her foundational years of study involved completing a full-time 3 year training specialised in Yoga Therapy at the Yoga Arts Academy in Melbourne, Circus Arts training in Beijing and Physiotherapy foundation studies in anatomy and physiology at the University of Queensland.

Renae has continued to diversify her skills in the movement healing arts over the last decade and is also certified as an AntiGravity® Master Instructor, Polestar Pilates Studio Rehab instructor and Franklin Method Movement Educator.




Meet Course Co-Facilitators

Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon Borg-Olivier (MSc BAppSc Physiotherapy)

Simon Borg-Olivier has been practicing traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing, and mental control for 50 years. He has been teaching for 38 years and has been a registered physiotherapist for 23 years.

Simon works as a research scientist and a University lecturer. He has been regularly invited to teach about lifestyle, posture, movement, breathing, and meditation at conferences, festivals, and intensive teacher training courses internationally since 1990

Simon will be facilitating program considerations in the 150HR Postgraduate Course

Simon Borg-Olivier is a Physiotherapist and International Yoga Presenter

Audrey Ng

Audrey Ng (BPhty Physiotherapy)

Audrey Ng is a Polestar Pilates Principle Educator and certified Meditation, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Aerial Yoga Teacher. Audrey has lectured and practiced physiotherapy extensively for 30 years.

Audrey is the Director and Principal of Performance Pilates & Physiotherapy. Audrey has been incorporating Pilates in her physiotherapy treatments since 1998 and over the last 8 years has used the aerial hammock in innovative clinical application.

Audrey has been a mentor for Renae whilst completing her Polestar Pilates training and has been instrumental in assisting Renae in the creation of safety guidelines for therapeutic applications of Aerial Yoga.

Audrey will be facilitating movement principles in the 150HR Postgraduate Course

Audrey Ng is Principal Physiotherapist Performance Pilates & Physiotherapy, Perth WA


Mark Comerford (BPhty, MCSP Physiotherapy)

Mark Comerford has conducted and published research, lectured and practiced physiotherapy extensively for 30 years. Mark has established postgraduate courses in dynamic stability and muscle balance and presents worldwide in 20 countries and 7 languages. He also consults for various sporting and professional organisations around the world such as the Chicago Bulls.

Mark possesses a special interest in the development of clinically relevant models of movement analysis, retraining, and the understanding of pain’s influence on movement, muscle function, and performance.

Mark will be facilitating Injury/Rehab considerations in the 150HR Postgraduate Course

Mark Comerford is Principal Physiotherapist of Performance Rehab Physiotherapy, Brisbane QLD



What is the aerial hammock?

The Aerial hammock is a soft, yet incredibly strong apparatus rigged from two points. It offers diverse experiences of gravity-assisted and gravity-resisted experiences in 3-dimensional space. This hammock is soft and designed to adapt to the body’s shape, mimicking the movement of fascia and skin. It allows for the experience of freedom in motion, uniquely different from any normal gravity experience, you can fly, float and be in supportive positions of suspension.

Who is this training for?

This training is appropriate for:

  • New to instructing – those beginning their education and wishing to specialise in the aerial hammock or simply for personal growth
  • Experienced Pilates, yoga or fitness instructors wishing to diversify to include aerial hammock
  • Health professionals wishing to harness the therapeutic power of the aerial hammock in their existing scope of clinical practice

Do I need a prerequisite of other aerial trainings or movement experience?

50hr Aerial Essentials – No prior experience with the aerial hammock apparatus or any other movement modality is required 150hr Aerial Yoga Therapeutics – Aerials Essential 50HR Course is a pre-requisite or equivalent aerial hammock certification

What sort of work will I be able to do after completing the 50hr Aerial Essentials Course?

This course will qualify you to instruct the aerial hammock exercise curriculum and progressions as outlined in the Aerial Essentials course manual. You may choose to deliver group sessions in diverse settings such as:

  • Private Practice at your personal residence
  • On-site private practice at your client’s residence
  • Commercial Yoga studios
  • Fitness centres
  • Community centres
  • Aquatic and sports facilities
  • Clinical and health care settings
  • School settings
  • Day spas and retreat centres
  • Public out-door areas and events (e.g., Local council-supported outdoor health and fitness activities, festival grounds and convention centres)

What sort of work will I be able to do after completing the 150hr Postgraduate course?

This course will prepare you to stand above the rest in your skill level of program design and quality of technical delivery in group sessions. It will also give you a complete therapeutic toolbox of appropriate exercises for safely implementing the aerial hammock modality with diverse special populations such as:

  • Women’s Health
  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Mental health and trauma

When working with special populations and addressing more complex individual needs with aerial hammock applications, it is imperative to work within the scope of your existing expertise and qualifications, and/or with the guidance and collaboration of another appropriate specialised health professional. This course assist building your clinical language, background knowledge and awareness of professional procedures to establish a successful referral network.

How will this education complement existing qualifications?

This education will complement your existing Yoga, Aerial or fitness certifications, or your health professional qualifications, by developing new speciality instructor skills in applying the unique therapeutic aspects of the aerial hammock. This may be delivered as a complete separate speciality service, or as an integrated modality within your current speciality. For example, as a Personal Trainer or yoga instructor you may incorporate the aerial hammock benefits of joint and visceral decompression and circulatory promotion to improve your clients’ performance and recovery. As a mental health professional, you may incorporate the aerial benefits of increased awareness of the sensory body and breath awareness to promote mindfulness, reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

Why is the CreativeBodyFlow approach important in health and fitness now?

The CreativeBodyFlow approach which promotes the belief that ‘fitness should be therapeutic’ and offer a path toward enhancing mental and physical well-being. This recovery approach to health and fitness is becoming more and more important in many developed countries where sedentary work lives, high stress loads and exposure to interpersonal trauma are significantly impacting health and quality of life. In Australia it is estimated that approximately:

  • 1 in 6 people experience back problems.
  • 1 in 5 Australians over the age of 40 reported having chronic pain conditions.
  • 45% of Australians will also experience mental illness in their lifetime.
  • 50% of Australians will experience interpersonal trauma or a traumatic event in their lifetime.

The CreativeBodyFlow approach advocates that ‘Safe Instruction’ in the aerial hammock requires teachers to be informed from both a mental and physical recovery perspective to truly support their clients’ safety, health and well-being.

What evidence is there to support the use of the aerial hammock for Mental Health?

The fundamental understanding behind using body-orientated therapies is that from birth onwards all experience is embodied. Past experience can be recognised in present physiological states and re-enacted in actions such as breath, gestures, sensory perception, movement, emotion and thought. From this understanding, remembering or speaking of the trauma may not be required in the process of recovery as one can work directly with self-awareness and self-regulation to reduce symptoms and learn new ways being in their body and in the world (Rothschild 2000). Multi-modal interventions, such as the aerial hammock, that integrate the brain, body, senses and creative expression are proving to be successful in trauma therapy and supported by emerging neuroscience research (Van der Kolk, 1994; Van der Kolk, MacFarlane & Weisaeth, 1996; Malchiodi, 2008; Carey, 2006). The aerial hammock opens opportunities to establish trust, which is considered essential in safe trauma treatment, and limits the dangers of re-traumatization (Friedman 1996; Friedman et al. 2010). This modality is also effective cross-culturally and is often experienced as a relaxing, non- threatening activity by adults and children.

What evidence is there to support the use of the aerial hammock for Pain Management?

The benefits of inversion therapy, sensory motor learning and the significance of proprioception have been previously documented in research on chronic back pain (Kim et. al, 2013; Tong et. al, 2017). Leading experts in pain management suggest the direction for innovation in pain interventions require methods that address both mind and body processes (Mostagi et al., 2015; Chou et al., 2017). Aerial Therapeutic interventions are currently being adapted into exercise rehabilitation by physiotherapists in Australia and New Zealand with promising results with low back pain and other pathologies (Performance Pilates & Physiotherapy, 2017; UprightCare, 2017).

Who will benefit most from this education?

Lovers of movement, aerial yoga and somatic experiences. Whether  you are new to aerial or an advanced aerial yogi you will personally benefit from the skills and knowledge obtained from this education. Physical health professionals, exercise physiologist and movement instructors seeking to understand the therapeutic qualities of the aerial hammock apparatus and learn informed and sensitive approaches. Mental health professionals and occupational therapists interested in integrating a somatic modality into their practice to assist clients with sensory information processing and the development of self-regulation.

What type of person would be attracted to this education?

✔️ This program would attract passionate men and women who seek to be inspirational advocates for health. ✔️ They seek to work in a holistic way with their clients and offer innovative, creative and effective ways to develop to their client’s full potential. ✔️ They prioritise safety above all else, yet never lose sight of the opportunity to celebrate the joy of free, mindful movement. ✔️ They uphold a reverence for the body, and to teach their clients to be sensitive to natural recovery cycles. ✔️ They know when it is appropriate to add challenge and when it is not. ✔️ They know every moment, and every meeting with a client is a valuable opportunity for both instructor and student have the possibility to grow.

How will the postgraduate course complement existing remedial therapy qualifications?

This course will complement existing skills of the remedial or complimentary therapist to integrate a safe, gentle movement modality into the existing offerings your clients enjoy with you. This can provide your clients with a way to be empowered in an active way to manage their condition and improve recovery outcomes.

Do you sell Aerial Hammocks and Hardware?

Yes we sell genuine studio quality and load tested aerial hammocks and accessories. We can equip you either as an individual or studio.

Is Aerial rigging available in any environment?

Yes. Through the use of a ceiling mounted rigging, portable rigs or outdoor structures – installing an aerial set-up is possible in almost every situation.

Your choice of rigging will depend on living or commercial leasing arrangements and financial considerations.

Do you provide guidance for setting up hammock rigging?

Yes we will offer guidance. Within the 150HR Course information on different types of rigging is provided.

What is the refund and reschedule policy?

This course can be rescheduled, cancelled and refundable up to 14 days from the start of the enrolment dates.

What is the cancellation, refund, and reschedule policy? (Incl. Covid-related cancellations)

Cancellation by Presenter or Host If your training event is cancelled, rescheduled, or significantly relocated by the Presenter or host, the event management administration will attempt to notify all participants within 12hrs of the cancellation, rescheduling, or relocation. If a participant is unable to attend the event under a change of circumstance, a credit transfer booking will be available to attend the next most convenient event date. Cancellation by Participant If you need to cancel your booking, the following refund offers apply:

  • 60 days from the booked attendance date – full refund or transfer applies.
  • 30 days from the booked attendance date – a 25% cancellation fee on the cost of your booking applies.
  • Less than 14 days before the booked attendance date – no refund.

COVID-19 Booking Policy Withstanding rights under consumer law, participants will have the option to select a new date for their existing booking or accept a credit valid for up to 12 months should any of the below criteria impact their planned attendance:

  • You or an immediate family member becomes sick with COVID–19
  • You are forced into self-isolation
  • You are awaiting the results of a COVID–19 test or
  • A State Government or Commonwealth Government directive is issued and means you are no longer able to travel to or from your destination.

Any difference in booking value will need to be paid. COVID-19 Flexible Rate You may opt to pay the COVID-19 Flexible Rate if you would like to ensure a full refund in the event of a COVID-related interruption to your attendance at a training event. If you do not book at this rate, you may not be entitled to a refund. However, neither the host nor the Presenter will reimburse you for auxiliary expenses (such as the cost of travel, car-parking, child-care, and accommodation) or other consequential loss suffered by you in connection with your attendance or non-attendance at an event. It is recommended that you obtain travel insurance for those expenses.

COVID-19 Flexible Rate = Add $200 Contact Dan Ross at to add this onto your Course


Cat Shares Her Experience Completing Aerial Teacher Training 100% Virtually

Course Pricing & Booking Details



$1299 Upfront

Includes 10hr theory, 3 x Mentor 1:1 sessions with Lead Trainer Renae Steven and Assessment/Certification.


$699 Upfront


50HR Advanced + 100HR Therapeutics starts November 1, 2021 (online opens)

Pay Upfront $3499

Or Payment Plan - 8 x $475/Month

early bird pricing ends
September 30 (save $300)

* Enrol in the 150HR Postgraduate Course to receive a studio-quality Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit valued at $299


50HR Essentials (NOW ONDEMAND) / 150HR Postgraduate (LIVE) starts November 2021 (online opens)

Pay Upfront $4199

Or Payment Plan - 10 x $435/Month

early bird pricing ends soon

* Enrol in the 200HR Full Course to receive a studio-quality Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit valued at $299



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