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What Makes our Hammocks Better?


Our Hammocks Vs Other Online Hammocks

We Only Sell Professional Studio-Quality One-Way Stretch Hammocks as Used at Bend + Fly

Our hammocks are made from 40 Denier Tricot Nylon and are superior in quality and function to other hammocks or silks – mainly because they are designed especially for aerial yoga and not aerial arts. Our hammocks are made from the best quality aerial silk that is unique in the way it provides one-way stretch (sideways stretch but not downwards). This stretchability gives this hammock a more natural feel to the contours and movement of your body – something inferior hammocks cannot achieve (most are too stretchy and cannot invert with confidence). Our hammocks are also extremely strong – rated and tested for loading up to 1300KG (13KN).

Our hammocks are the most effective apparatus to practice aerial yoga.

Here’s an Example of Stretchiness Between our Hammock and a Cheaper E-Bay Hammock

Hammock Stretchiness Differences

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Differences in Hammock Quality


One-Way Stretch Hammock ✅

A studio quality aerial hammock is normally one-way stretch made of nylon tricot material (as used and sold by Bend + Fly) – it has a beautiful stretchability sidewards, but little stretch downwards – meaning you can invert with confidence and not have to raise the hammock too high – a good feature especially if ceiling height is an issue.

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Aerials Australia Hammock

Two-Way Stretch Hammocks ❌

Most aerial hammocks sold online fit into the two-way stretch category – which means they stretch sidewards and stretch downwards. The downwards stretch is mainly beneficial for aerial arts which feature drops, but they also can be used for aerial yoga, but you’ll need to raise the hammock higher to factor in inversions. Experienced Aerial Yogis can find these type of hammocks a little bouncy for waist high aerial yoga.


High Stretch or No Stretch ❌

Avoid hammocks made of cheaper parachute style material that have no stretch both ways – making it not comfortable and pliable for aerial yoga. Also avoid polyester hammocks and even nylon hammocks labelled high stretch – these are too bouncy and not suitable for an aerial yoga hammock, which sits lower than an aerial arts silk – normally at waist high.

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