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Yoga & Aerial For Beginners


Everything you need to know about Starting at Bend +Fly!


1. Your First Aerial Class

If it’s your first time to aerial yoga, start with our great Foundations Course ($150 or FREE for Members) or an Aerial Basics Class.

If starting with the 2 Week Intro – start with Aerial Basics Class on Saturday Morning (recommended) or a class marked ‘All Levels’ (alternate starting class) progressing to Aerial Flow 1, then to Aerial Fitness, Flow Level 2 or Play Level 2 classes. NOTE: You should seek staff feedback on progressing to Level 2 classes.

FOUNDATIONS COURSE Vs 2 WEEK INTRO: You can start aerial yoga with either service. The 6 Week Aerial Foundations Course goes into a more depth – teaching the 6 foundational skills of aerial yoga (Invert / Balance /Float/ Fly/ Flip/ Flex) – taught in progression across 6 weekly classes. The 2 Week Intro provides a more basic introduction into aerial yoga, but provides the benefit of being able to come to as many aerial classes as possible (normally starting with the Aerial Basics class) Note: The Foundations Course is not included in the 2 Week Intro Offer, but you can buy both.



2. Your First Floor Yoga Class

If completely new to yoga, you can start with most classes (depending on your fitness levels of course). If you’re a complete novice to yoga start with a yoga classs marked ‘all-levels’ or a non-heated classes, Slow Flow, Yin yoga or Vin Yin (vinyasa & yin yoga). It’s perfectly fine to start with Hot Power Yoga or Power Yoga – but remember, every pose has an option if too challenging and childs poses is always available if the heat becomes too much a physical challenge.



3. No Flexibility or Circus Training Needed😁

You won’t need to be flexible or have some kind of circus training to start. In fact, we’ve made starting out accessible and approachable for all newbies – you’ll feel empowered by what you can achieve! The diversity of classes at Bend + Fly makes it open to all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

Start with our popular 2 weeks unlimited intro pass for just $55 (with $50 renewal discount for coming to 5 or more classes!).



4. Our FAQs

Find out what to wear – what to bring – booking information – best mats to use and everything else to maximise your Bend + Fly experience.



5. Why Yoga + Aerial?

Most people get hooked on the benefits of combining floor and aerial yoga – a unique combination of strength, decompression and core power. Establishing a regular practice of 3-6 classes p/w will see amazing benefits of strength, toning, flexibility, spinal health and mental health. Most clients find that the variety of different styles is what makes Bend & Fly more motivating than gym or other fitness options.



6. How to Join Our Community...

Once you’ve done an Intro with us, most people continue the progress by joining our community as an Unlimited or Lite Member (NB you can get up to $50 discount by joining before your Intro expires). Some people looking for a more casual practice choose a Class Pack option.


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