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Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit (W/Hanging Accessories)




Professional studio quality 40-denier Aerial Yoga Hammock by Bend + Fly, with load-tested hanging accessories + Bonus ‘How To’ videos.

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Bend + Fly ’40-denier tricot nylon’ hammocks are used and trusted through leading studios throughout Australia, including Bend + Fly. Our silk is superior in quality to other hammocks, and is rated and tested for loading to 1300KG. Bend + Fly hammocks are made from the best quality aerial material that is unique in the way it provides low stretch (beautiful sideways stretch but not little downwards). This stretchability gives this hammock a more natural feel to the contours and movement of your body – something inferior hammocks cannot achieve (most are too stretchy and cannot invert with confidence).

This hammock is the most effective apparatus to practice aerial yoga.

Hanging accessories include loaded tested hardware that have been weight rated to 22-24KN:

1 x 4m studio quality aerial yoga hammock
2 x 110cm daisy chains
2 x 30cm slings (to choke the hammock)
2 x carabiners
Hammock Storage Tote
+ Free 4-Part Aerial Intro Online Course
+ Free How to Install Videos and Document

Size: 4m long by 2.8m wide

Suits Ceiling Heights 2.4m to 3.2m. For ceilings above 3.2m add an extra set of Daisy Chains – by looping and locking two daisy chains on each other to gain double the length (220cm daisy chain)

NDIS at Bend + Fly

This product may be claimed through the NDIS

Download our comprehensive Home Aerial Set-up Ideas Document

Download Home Install Document


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