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Corporate Yoga & Aerial Classes

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Bend & Fly is a popular corporate yoga facilitator in Brisbane with its unique options of Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fitness, yoga, stretching and mindfulness classes. Whatever the needs of your business at that time, we can offer the right option to have your team feel energised and revitalised. Enquire now below with your preferred times, numbers and class style – and we’ll send out an information package. We can also come to you for floor yoga classes.

The Benefits

With nonstop workdays that revolve around a computer screen, mental and physical wellbeing often takes a backseat. And it doesn’t take long for bad health to creep into your work life and create a negative atmosphere.

Corporate yoga has many benefits for employees and the business they work for. Not only can it greatly improve the quality of life of working professionals and increase their productivity, it also promotes a better work/life balance.

Sitting at a desk all day is likely to place unwanted strain on the spine, leading to neck, shoulder and back pain. Practising corporate yoga as a team can help combat fatigue, increase muscle strength and naturally heal common body pains. There are also poses you can learn in corporate yoga that can be done right at your desk to keep you feeling revitalised throughout the day.

Work can certainly be a stressful environment at times. Corporate meditation and yoga is a mind-body practice that helps to alleviate stress and release tension in the body.

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Corporate Yoga Class Options

  • Restorative classes
    Yin Deep Stretching or Vinyasa/Yin
  • Mindfulness class
    Yin with a meditation element
  • Vinyasa
    Flowing yoga class to breathe, great for mind and body
  • Aerial Restorative
    Slow paced aerial stretching & cocooning class
  • Aerial Flow
    Fun aerial classes with tricks and a mindfulness ending – great team building class

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