Aerial Foundations Courses


Aerial Foundations Course Pathway

The Aerial Foundations 1 & 2 Course pathway provides beginner students to aerial yoga with a more in-depth foundations of Aerial, taking you on a fun journey through the 6 major skills of aerial yoga:

(Foundations 1)
(Foundations 2).

These courses will leave you will feeling empowered and confident to continue to more advanced classes and courses.

Clients that get the most out of these courses complete other classes on the timetable during the courses. This is an ideal way to put your new skills into practice!

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Foundations 1 Course

This intro-level course, when done in conjunction with Foundations 2 and other classes will teach you the foundations of aerial yoga in a fun environment and safely progress you to more advanced aerial classes, courses or workshops.

Session 1- INVERT: Your first session to get comfortable with the hammock and experience the beautiful feeling of getting upside down! This session works towards a peak pose of a folded booty wrap inversion.

Session 2 – BALANCE: Your second session will build upon session 1 to start experiencing the benefits of the aerial hammock such as how it decompresses our spines and allows us into positions that may not be possible in floor yoga. This session works towards peak poses of wrapped shoulder stand and back angel flip.

Session 3 – FLOAT: Now that you will be more familiar with the hammock, the terminology and the benefits of decompressing the spine; you can start to relax a little more and enjoy the feeling of floating and inverting in our peak poses of swan dive and dragonfly.

Next Foundation 1 Dates: 

JULY: Sunday’s Jul 18 – 25 – Aug 1 | 10.45 am – 11.45 am
AUGUST: Sunday’s Aug 8 – 15 – 22 | 10.45 am – 11.45 am
AUGUST: Sunday’s Aug 29 – Sept 5 – 12 | 10.45 am – 11.45 am


BONUS: Join on Unlimited membership by week 3 of the course & get the $99 Course credited back!



Foundations 2 Course

Foundations 2 follows a similar format of fun skill development – picking up the next 3 foundational skills of FLY – FLIP – FLEX. Whilst working on more intermediate-level skills we will work towards a short group aerial sequence in session 3!

Session 1 – FLY: Session 1 starts with a revision on some of the skills/movements/concepts learnt in Foundations 1 – then moving to one of aerial yoga’s most fun foundational skills of FLY! The peak skill for session 1 will be everyone’s favourite instagrammable pose: Vampire.

Session 2 – FLIP:
Session 2 will introduce you to more dynamic poses in the hammock including some more challenging fitness/strength-based exercises and the super fun peak pose of the Swoosh Flip Tuck.

Session 3 – FLEX: Session 3 will combine everything you have learnt so far in Foundations 1 & 2 as we will flow through a short group aerial sequence – including our peak poses/skills of chandelier and teardrop. It will include a mix of inversions, poses, transitions and dynamic tricks.

Next Foundation 2 Dates: 

JULY: Sunday’s Jul 18 – 25 – Aug 1 | 12.15 pm – 1.15 pm
AUGUST: Sunday’s Aug 29 – Sept 5 – 12 | 12 pm – 1 pm

BONUS: Join on Unlimited membership by week 3 of the course & get the $99 Course credited back!


Common Questions

Are these courses for absolute beginners?

Yes. Foundations 1 is for first timers to Aerial Yoga!

Is there a weight limit?

No! The hammocks and rigging can hold over 800Kg, so all shapes and sizes are welcome!

Who and what fitness levels is aerial yoga suitable for?

Aerial Yoga is suitable for most bodies, ages and fitness levels (some core and upper body strength is required). You don’t require  any levels of coordination either – as long as you can follow directions you will love it!

Do you need to have done yoga or other aerial pursuits?

No there is no requirement for pre-requisites – it’s mostly a new skill anyway.

What do I need to bring or wear?

Bring along a yoga mat (if you have one it makes it more comfortable), wear active wear, socks (grippy socks are better – we sell them from $12), and a t-shirt with sleeves (short or long).

Avoid wearing anything that will snag the hammock like zippers and jewellery.

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