Unleash Your Wild Heart with Monique Dolman

Unleash Your Wild Heart with Monique Dolman

Want to let go of the shackles that are holding you back from deeply loving yourself? Are you longing to feel safe and at home in your own body? If you are willing to undress the layers of shame, guilt and fear to bare your true beauty.. This is for you!

This 2 Hour Workshop will be lead by Monique Dolman, Womens Self-love Facilitator and Online Empowerment Coach. Monique is a stand for women who want to reclaim their confidence, their self worth, own their sexuality and to fall back in love with themselves!

Monique knows the deep pain that comes from years of shaming her body and the heartache felt when believing she couldn’t be all of her, in this lifetime! She knows that you feel it too.. She sees you, still playing it small to avoid the judgement and rejection from the world. What would it be like for you to shine bright? To truly take up space and be seen in your raw mess? What would it be like to be celebrated in your beauty, your power and your greatness? What would it be like to just be you!

After what felt like a lifetime Monique realised that the comparison game and her negative self talk was holding her back! She was the only thing in her own way! Monique now CELEBRATES her beauty! It is her superpower! She realised that Self-Love was the missing link to the life of her dreams!

Join Monique in this magical process to share your truth around your body and self beliefs. To be guided back home through a beautiful receiving meditation and self-love practise. We will breathe and use feminine movement to unleash the layers of conditioning. How much more are you willing to surrender and soften? Let this be the moment you let down your walls and open up to feel free to be all of you in this sacred space. You will leave feeling connected to your heart, expansive and liberated in your own body.

Note: Please bring your own towel, mat, small-medium hand held mirror, any crystals or special items of importance to you (for the altar) and an open mind to this beautiful and expansive experience. (This event involves potential nudity, the experience is up to you how far you are willing to let go in this safe environment.)

Cost: $88.00 Per person (BF Members $65)

Workshops are non-refundable, but in situations where attendance can’t be made, credit can be awarded to client’s account with 6 days notice of cancellation.