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108 Sun Salutations, Namaskar Surya Workshop

108 Sun Salutations
108 Sun Salutations; ASURYA NAMASKAR A
Join Lei-iissa Celeste for 90 minutes of flowing Sun salutation A; served as 12 rounds of 9 (with breaks in between every 3 sets of 9), of continuous movement, in this flowing *Namaskar, salutation towards our Sun *Surya. Finishing with a well-deserved extended crystal singing bowl, Soundbath ShavasanaThis moving meditation is designed to move energy through the body as you connect movement with breath. You will flow as one knowing you can intensify or soften each round as you get to know your movement pattern throughout the class connecting body, mind, breath the union of YogaDiving into this moving meditation with *Dharana; focused attention, Pranayama; Breathwork, as your grounding tools working to sync movement with breath as you goThis class will activate your parasympathetic nervous system drawing a fun, calm and relaxed state towards the strength and heat we will create as we continue to flow, you will recycle and re energise your energy and blood flow as well as creating strength and endurance as well as cognitive growth as you begin to learn and retain the pattern ushering a sense of renewal and rebirth.From these Salutations you will begin to access the keys to deepening your own yoga practice finding with regular visits to these Namaskar how they lead us to greater ease in our other asana, and 8 limbed practicesWe will also be working closely with Manipura the Solar Plexus our own Personal Sun, the 3rd chakra from the root; working to empower and allow your true strengths to step forward and support you on your path trusted, this energy Centre emits a golden sun light colour and so does resonate with our earth sun and the Mantra Om the ancient resonance of the sunWe hope you are as excited for this event as we are to share it with you, booking is essential
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