Stress, Tension, Reduce, Release, Rejuvenate (stR3 Synergy)

stR3 Workshop

Stress, Tension, Reduce, Release, Rejuvenate (STR3 Synergy) Workshop with Susan Summers

Feeling stressed or tense? Come join us for a unique combination of several modalities including restorative yoga, yoga Nidra and Trauma Tapping Technique, to help you lessen the impact of stress in your life. Learn how to equip yourself with easy-to-use in-the-moment tools to reduce the amount of stress and tension that can accumulate in the body.

Accumulation of stress in the body has been linked to chronic diseases. Help to dissolve and release accumulated stress the body has been holding onto using a technique that will release past stressors.

This workshop is included as part of our 30 Day Awakening Challenge or you can book casually.Casual: $45 | Members $31.50

About Susan Summers

Susan has been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. Including Herbal Medicine, aerobics instructing and all forms of massage and nutrition. Later, she began to study various techniques to help herself heal from emotional and physical overload. Completing her 350 yoga teacher training, she now specialises in slow, gentle subtle and restorative yoga, with a strong focus on mental health and stress reduction as a result of facing her own adversities. To complement this, she has also studied a technique called TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises) a natural somatic technique that helps the body release past stress that has accumulated in the body. Susan is a wealth of knowledge and experience and enjoys helping others with it.

Workshops are non-refundable, but in situations where attendance can’t be made, credit can be awarded to client’s account with 6 days notice of cancellation.