Sound Healing Experience (Lei-iissa Celeste)

Sound Healing Experience

Come immerse yourself in a dream like state through the sounds of euphoric crystal singing bowls, melodic guitar and atmospheric soundscapes.
This auditory experience is part guided, part self created. Join us in an hour and a half of meditation through music as we focus on the Root, Sacral and Heart Chakras, to heal, rejuvenate and grow your internal imagination.
Bliss out in restorative yoga postures while a theme of the forest and other natural landscapes are created with sound. Take this time to develop your own journey through self reflection and creation.

WORKSHOP: $45 | Members $31.50 |

About Lei-iissa:Lei-iissa is a keen yogi with a practice founded in mental health healing and soothing physical movements. She is now developing her yoga training further by embarking on her 350hr Yoga Teacher Training. Lei is a passionate lover of nature and has an active outdoor lifestyle, that sees her physical fitness journey immersed in the beauty of natural landscapes. To balance her active running, hiking and yoga regime, she delves deeply into meditation by using music and sound to heal and restore. On top of this, Lei is also a plant-based cook who cleverly creates package-free foods that abide by her strong ethic in Earth Activism and conscious consumerism.

Workshops are non-refundable, but in situations where attendance can’t be made, credit can be awarded to client’s account with 6 days notice of cancellation.