Orgasmic Yoga Embodiment Workshop

Orgasmic Yoga workshop

Yoga and orgasmic are not two words you often hear go together. For most of us, those two things happen in very different settings. Yet the word orgasmic in this context takes on a different meaning. To be orgasmic is living fully present in your body in the moment. It is awareness of your aliveness, sinking into it and letting it guide you. It has us connect more deeply to the internal landscape whether it be our playful nature, our rawness, our softness or the wild within. It leads us to pleasure.


Yoga has the potential to move energy and to change our state of being physiologically, mentally and emotionally. It has the capacity to make the practitioner more present to the moment. It provides a structure which moves like a wave or rhythm much like our own life force. Orgasmic Yoga is a rich combination of these concepts. Using the embodiment tools, orgasmic yoga will create a space and structure for the practitioner to harness their own internal source of aliveness. It will give room to expand these sensations through the body using the five embodiment tools: movement; sound; breath; touch; and placement of awareness.


About Nirvana Pilkington
The Embodiment Coach, Yoga Teacher and Somatic Sex Educator, Nirvana Pilkington, will take you to explore these 5 tools with an embodied approach to learning. Nirvana will guide you to curiously explore and inquire into your body’s habits. Nirvana will encourage you to explore new pathways to awaken pleasure and rewire your nervous system. The workshop will also explore the orgasmic yoga framework to assist you in setting up your own home practice. These embodied learning experiences combined with the yoga framework will lead to a class practice (unlike what you know a yoga class to be), that taps you into your own capacity to create states of pleasure and joy at any moment of your life.


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Workshops are non-refundable, but in situations where attendance can’t be made, credit can be awarded to client’s account with 6 days notice of cancellation.

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