Nurture + Renew: Aerial + Yoga Workshop – Autumn Edition

Nurture + Renew: Aerial + Yoga Workshop

Nurture + Renew: Aerial + Yoga Workshop – Autumn Edition

Join Rachael @rarasparkles for an afternoon of movement and meditation therapy for the mind, body and soul.

Rachael will guide you through a part-yoga and part-aerial yoga practice with a focus on nourishing and replenishing your energy stores as we leave behind the more active phase of the warmer months. Just as nature enters a space of restful introspection for winter, so too we can pause and gather strength for the next cycle of seasons.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the element of winter is water. Using breathing exercises, gentle movements, and the natural undulations of the hammock, we will support our energy to flow freely like water, dissolving fears and gaining greater flexibility in navigating the natural challenges of life.

A moving meditation with patches of restful stillness, this workshop will facilitate the turning of your energy and attention inwards, allowing each of us to settle into ourselves, comfy in our own skins, soft and open in our hearts.

It will leave you feeling like your spine has grown and your whole being has been nurtured.


Please bring a yoga mat. Wear comfortable clothing that is warm enough to lie still in, and also socks and sleeves for hammock hygiene.


$45 Non Members | Members – $31.50 | Loyalty Members – $22.50 |

Only 19 Spots

Workshops are non-refundable, but in situations where attendance can’t be made, credit can be awarded to client’s account with 6 days notice of cancellation.