Kids Aerial Yoga Course!

Kids Aerial Yoga Course

Introducing our Kids Aerial Yoga Course!

This is a great after school activity for primary school aged kids! This Aerial Course is designed to introduce children to aerial yoga while getting stronger, more flexible and building their self-confidence by doing things they never thought possible!
This 8 week course will provide your child an outlet for physical creativity in a unique and fun environment.
Combining movements from dance, gymnastics and acrobatics, these classes are created and run by our beautiful aerialist, Albina!

all sizes – all skill levels – boys and girls

no background in dance or movement arts required


Starting: July 14th – September 1st
Time: Wednesdays @ 3.35pm
Ages: 7 Р12yro
Cost: $125 for 8 weeks

Bend+Fly members receive a 10% discount!