Handstand & Inversion Play with the Hammock

Handstand & Inversion Play

Inversions are a wonderful yet challenging component of a yoga practice. It often takes many hours and years of dedicated practice to feel the ease of going upside down. However, with the assistance of the Antigravtiy Aerial Yoga Hammock, learning how to do inversions with support and safety as well as the developing the body awareness, flexibility and strength could be the missing link to fast tracking your understanding of Inversion Play.

Within this workshop the hammock will give you the ease of feeling supported upside down in handstand as you explore your alignment and gaze. You will also learn drills that will develop core and upper body strength making headstand and forearm balance feel more effortless. Your awareness of body alignment and a feeling of freeing your body of neck tension will be noticed as you delve into shoulder stand.

This workshop will initially explore inversions with the support of the hammock. As the class progresses, you will move away from the hammock to link your newly found awareness from your hammock play while practicing these ground based inverted poses.

***This workshop is open to beginners of both aerial and floor based yoga***

WORKSHOP: $45 / $31.50 Members / Only 19 spots