FEMPOWERMENT Naked Yoga Workshop


FEMPOWERMENT – A women’s gathering open to ladies of all ages, shapes, colours, and sizes.

FEMPOWERMENT is a liberating 3.5 hour naked immersion devoted to empowering females. Guiding women through an alchemical integration of yoga, intuitive movement, embodiment practices, meditation, breathwork, mantras, and affirmations. This gathering is a transformational journey and gentle facilitation into vulnerability, self-acceptance, truth, and union. An invitation to reclaim your radiance, your power, your pleasure, your worth.

Reclaim your radiance and power as we enter into a realm of vulnerability, a portal of rediscovery and remembering; exploring embodiment techniques, echoing mantras and affirmations, moving through yummy stretches, worshipping our body, and sitting in a sacred circle with our Sisters. You are invited back into the beauty of your individual authenticity. Blossom into the highest expression of your truth as you emerge a more embodied and empowered version of yourself.

What to expect from a FEMPOWERMENT Naked Yoga workshop:

  • Women only
  • Nudity
  • An intimate, candle-lit environment that provides for an ambient setting in which we feel safe, supported, and held
  • Sacred women’s sharing circle/introduction
  • Workshop segment that involves self-enquiry exercises, techniques to help us become more body-positive, and connecting with our Soul sisters
  • Intuitive movement
  • Positive affirmations and mantras
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama/breathwork
  • 1 hour of naked yoga asana practice
  • Closing circle
  • Cup of tea and snacks (vegan-friendly)
  • Group photo (only for willing participants of course!)

What do I bring to the event?

  • Yoga mat
  • A towel to lay over your mat (for hygiene reasons)
  • A water bottle (hydration is always important)
  • A sarong, robe, or something to wrap yourself up in prior to getting naked
  • A light blanket to cover yourself up in for our closing meditation (optional)
  • Bring along a friend if you can!
  • A kind mind, an open heart, and loads of love!

Held in a safe and honouring space to help you feel supported and nurtured, we invite you to allow yourself permission to surrender. It is about undressing and addressing our body image woes through the shedding of layers (physically and emotionally). These workshops are here to facilitate you in letting go of current dogmas and limiting beliefs that are keeping you in a lower vibrational loop.

Join FEMPOWERMENT women’s only Naked Yoga by The Nude Blogger – Jessa O’Brien – for an evening of Body Positivity and Self-Love: 3.5 hours of empowering celebration of our naked bodies, honouring YOU and all of your divinity. For more information on the event, click here

PRICING: Non-Members Special $99 | Bend + Fly Studio Members $88