The Chaturanga Lab Workshop (Hannah Balint)

Do you ever find when attending a class the teacher just says ‘take a vinyasa’ and you want to actually know what that looks and feels like? In a power vinyasa style class, you sometimes come across half a dozen vinyasa’s aka Chaturangas and you’ve only gone through the warm-up!

Come and join Hannah in this 2-hour Chaturanga Lab Workshop, where we will be able to take things slowly and learn how to build strength with true alignment. Proper alignment helps to prevent injuries from occurring from repetitive postures and transitions.Come and learn:

* Why we Chaturanga

* Safely break down your Chaturanga

* The alternatives to Chaturanga when injured or just to tired to do another one

* Learn to progress your practice and build strength in your Chaturanga

* Learn the building blocks of your jump back and jump through

* Take your practice to the next level such as arm balances

Suitable for – Beginners and intermediate levels


Non Members: $45 | Members $31.50