Aerial Yoga for Back Pain

Relieve Back Pain with Antigravity Aerial Yoga

It is estimated that 70–90% of people will suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives. If you are experiencing this and seeking alternatives to reliance on medication or treatment, AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga may be a solution worth exploring.

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga is a decompressive system that can aid you in restoring the health of your spine by reversing the effects of gravity, awakening proprioception and rebuilding strength and control in local stabilising muscles. Decompression techniques are known to help alleviate pain symptoms originating from injury or posture that have resulted in spinal or sciatic nerve compression, disc degeneration, fascial tension, muscular tightness and joint restriction. The AntiGravity Hammock offers the spine an experience of weightlessness and allows the body to safely glide to the extent of its joint flexibility without compression on the intervertebral discs, while also gaining the benefits of lengthening connecting tissues and refreshing blood circulation.

This technique is beneficial in both the prevention and rehabilitation of injury and is accessible for all ages, stages and sizes.

Let AntiGravity Aerial Yoga help you live a life of lightness, in body and mind.


1ON1 Personal Aerial Session for Back Pain – with Renae Stevens

Get relief from back pain with a personalised 1ON1 Back Session with leading AntiGravity Practitioner and Yoga Therapist Renae Stevens. Renae will use the AntiGravity Hammock to gently restore and repair the muscular, structural and nervous systems of the body – perfect for anyone needing some special care for their spine and specifically lower and upper back!


Client Story – How Leah Used Antigravity® Aerial Yoga to Relieve Chronic Back Pain


Relieve Lower/Upper Back and Neck Pain

If you suffer from back spasms, scoliosis, herniated disc, neck pain and headaches or general back soreness then AntiGravity Aerial Yoga may ease painful symptoms. The weightlessness provided by the aerial hammock is an effective tool in both the prevention and rehabilitation of most back injuries.

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A Non-Surgical Solution

Aerial yoga can be a great non-surgical and non-medicated back pain solution. And unlike medication or surgery, a natural treatment like aerial yoga can alleviate the underlying problem without major side effects. So whether you’re experiencing pinched nerves or a herniated disc, this captivating form of yoga might be your answer.

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What type of Aerial Session is Right for You?

For common lower back conditions from prolonged sitting, attending any Aerial Yoga will be a great first step in relieving pain, but if you suffer from a more severe back condition, acute pain, arthritis or a degenerative spine, we recommend a 1ON1 Personal Session with Renae, who is a Yoga Therapist and Antigravity Aerial Yoga Master Instructor.

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Renae Stevens - Australia's Foremost AntiGravity Practitioner

You'll be expertly led by Renae Stevens, one of Australia's most qualified Practitioners in AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga (Level 5 Master Instructor Aus/NZ). Renae also has a host of other movement qualifications including Pilates Rehab, 3 year intensive for Personalised Yoga Therapy, Physiotherapy Foundation Studies, a Master’s degree in Mental Health & is a Yoga & Art Therapist specializing in trauma recovery.

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What Our Clients Say


Office Worker

Aerial yoga gives me instant relief from chronic back pain from issues being 6 foot 9 and sitting at a desk all day!


Registered Nurse

Since practising Aerial Yoga I haven't had to go back to my Physio, my body feels stronger, healthier and I can move with freedom again!

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