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02 Feb.

Fempowerment – Women’s Only Naked Yoga Workshop (The Nude Blogger)

February 2 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
$82 – $88

FEMPOWERMENT WOMEN’S ONLY NAKED YOGA WORKSHOP – by Jessa O’Brien – The Nude Blogger – for body positivity and self love- is a 3-hour empowering celebration of our naked bodies, honouring YOU and all of your divinity. It is about getting naked in both aspects of the word, physically and metaphysically.

It is a liberating women’s only gathering open to ladies of all ages, shapes, colour and size.

“I don’t have enough words to express the gratitude to you for holding an amazing workshop and space for us ladies to gather and let our shields down. I believe that what I gained last night was the forgiveness that I’ve owed myself and my body for almost 15years (after the stillbirth of my twin boys I shamed myself as I believed that my body had let me and my sons down). Last night I was finally able to shed some of that guilt and shame and I now have a new opportunity to see myself and my body in a different light” Thanks you whole heatedly again. 🙏 – Sonia (participant from May’s Bend + Fly workshop)

Journeying through the form and formless, it is a gentle facilitation into vulnerability, self-acceptance, truth and union as you’re guided through an alchemical integration of yoga, meditation, breath work, mantras and affirmations.

Held in a safe and honouring space to help you feel supported and nurtured, I invite you to allow yourself permission to surrender. It is about undressing and addressing our body image woes through the shedding of layers (physically and emotionally). These workshops are here to facilitate you in letting go of current dogmas and limiting beliefs that are keeping you in a lower vibrational loop.

This workshop as an opportunity for women to enter into a safe space in which we’re afforded tools and techniques to do the work required in helping to rewire our neural pathways and cultivate positive affirmations and mantras that can help us to detach from negative behavioural patterns. As we learn to not only forgive others but also ourselves for any acts of self-sabotage that have previously kept us feeling unworthy, self-conscious, powerless and depleted, we can begin to wholly embrace our bodies and our Self, taking this practice from the workshop and out into the world, learning how to integrate these practices into our daily lives.

In today’s ‘filtered age’ of social media, along with the ever-changing ideals and standards thrust upon us, there is an enormous amount of pressure placed on body image, and so I believe that practicing body-positivity and self-love are more important than ever.

Through the exploration of self-inquiry, we begin to lift the veil of illusion and enter into our deepest truth, embodying the beauty that is always, and was always, within and of you. This journey encourages you to delve into the depths of your femininity and reclaim your power and radiance.

*For full details on the workshop, below are some links to Jessa’s website with all the information participants need to know:


WORKSHOP: Bend + Fly special price $88/$165 for 2 people (use the code: BENDANDFLYTRIBE)

*Limited to 18 ladies

-I believe this workshop is for any female feeling the call to more wholly embrace themselves.
-Ladies wanting to feel more body-positive and learn techniques to be able to more freely accept themselves
-Ladies who want to learn to love themselves…ladies wanting to learn to love themselves MORE
-For those that perhaps struggle with low self-esteem and a sense of unworthiness.
-Those struggling to feel confident within their body, and those challenged with modern-day society’s social media-driven world where they feel the pressure to look a certain way and struggle to accept their body in its current state.
-Those wanting to steer away from feeling defined by their appearance
-Ladies wanting to learn more about non-sexual nudity
-Ladies wanting to feel more comfortable being naked
-Ladies wanting to feel empowered and liberated
-Ladies looking to more freely express themselves in a safe environment
-Ladies looking to embrace their vulnerability and explore themselves on a deeper level
-Ladies looking to strengthen their connection/reconnect with their physical body
-Those looking for a truly enriching and empowering experience

Jessa is a qualified yoga teacher specialising in a Vinyasa style of teaching. She was taught under more traditional methods that draw from the Sri T Kirishnamarcharya lineage and takes on a holistic approach to the path of yoga in integrating the ageless wisdom of ancient scriptures and philosophy in a contemporary context.

Whilst yoga has been a passion of Jessa’s for over 9 years, her desires to teach took a back seat to her previous career in Politics, and so she stuck at practicing and finding peace on the mat a few times a week. After a sequence of events at the end of 2014 and a life-changing, seven month solo backpacking journey in 2015, Jessa’s life and perspectives shifted dramatically and she took on a different path and approach to life…moving from the head to heart space.

Now based on the Gold Coast, Jessa is also an avid body-positive advocate and works part-time, teaches yoga and works on her blog, The Nude Blogger.

The Nude Blogger embodies conscious living with a twist of the taboo and was birthed from a higher calling for Jessa. The Nude Blogger is a thought-provoking blog that aims to help broaden perceptions in the hope of cultivating respect, diversity, kindness and understanding. The underlying intention for The Nude Blogger is to help raise the consciousness of our planet by inspiring others to lead a life that is in alignment with their authentic and higher Self, and in harmony with the collective.

Body-positivity is a major focus of the blog and her candid posts about nudity and her body-positive attitude have gained Jessa’s blog a level of notoriety.
After Instagram abruptly deactivated Jessa’s body-positive blog account mid last year, her censorship battle with the social media giants made headlines all around the world. As Jessa relentlessly defended her non-sexual, body-positive inspired nude photos, she tirelessly crusaded to reveal social media’s pervasive double standards and detrimental exacerbation and propagation of sexualisation of the human body. With the backing of many supporters, her efforts saw her account reactivated and is a sign of hope for the body-positive movement.

FEMPOWERMENT is a manifestation of Jessa’s intention to help support and unite women in sisterhood as they journey together on a path of self-love and acceptance through embracing their vulnerability and learning to reclaim the radiance and power that innately lies within. By removing the physical layers, the women are also encouraged to confront each emotional layer that hides their authentic sense of expression and liberation. The women are graciously presented with the opportunity to learn to accept their whole Being…physical and non-physical.

Jessa’s hopes to empower her sisters and others is being put into action…through her workshops, her blog and her own, individual lifestyle. These workshops and her teachings are a way through which she lives with more purpose and intent to help serve the collective, Gaia and the Divine

WORKSHOP: Bend + Fly special price $88/$165 for 2 people (use the code: BENDANDFLYTRIBE)


Event Details

Date: February 2 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Time: 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Venue: Bend + Fly West End
Address: 1/208 Montague Rd